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The Satsop Camp
5/2/2004 7:41 PM
Chris K. Out of Town
2/28/2004 10:05 AM
Fish Progam
1/17/2004 10:29 PM
Habitat work party
1/12/2004 2:57 PM
It works!
10/4/2003 11:07 PM
Telemitry Training 9/27-28/2003
9/30/2003 8:51 PM
8/19/2003 11:46 AM
Get Started with Windows SharePoint Services!
8/17/2003 11:59 AM
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Give it a try
Lest spend the next few days trying this out I do like the way the contacts work.  I think we could run the whole database right here on share point and be able to run queries from a access database. what do you think?
Give it a try
It's so clean and simple looking even I can get around in it. I updated my contact information since we're the only ones using this.....Chris
Chris K
What do you think Ray?
What do you think abour Sharepoint.  I am creating some of the different types of libraries, calendars, lists, etc. to show you how powerful this tool is.  Unfortunately I am not able to customize the homepage as they have locked us out of that feature.  I am assuming they have done that because it is a demo - you may need to ask them about that.  What I would do is have...
Katrina H
Also, one great feature to be interactive
Ray, any member can subscribe to each/any webpart if they wish.  Anytime it is updated, say the calendar is updated with a new event, the dicussion board is updated, that member will be notified.  If they decide they don't want to be notified that can turn it off - it is user specific!
Katrina H
What do you think Ray?
I think this is a great start to everything we need hopefully we can expand on fuctions in our future
Testing discusion
I am trying this as an announymous login
Testing discusion
Who ever you are, announymous,  it is working.  I don't know who you are!
Pe Ell Game Check Station
Just returned from our first weekend of check station activity on highway 6 out of Cheahals.  A total of 11 deer were checked--all small two points and spikes.  Absolutely no problems except for the wet and windy weather.  We had the advantage of having a motor home and trailer to hide in during the slow times so it turned out to be a fairly enjoyable "vacation" after all. ...
Ted H
Directors Meeting
 (no text)
Chris K
Fund Raisers Submit. Idea
I think we should sell EIW cook books at sports shows or anywhere we are at working\training with the public. Just to get more money generated in our organization besides membership dues. I think this would also get our name out there in the public. All I need are recipes that are one of a kind, passed down from family member to family member, orginal's, helpful hints, and maybe so kids activities...
Kandi S
Fund Raisers response
see attachment
Fund Raisers response
I would like to get an okay from the broad members if it's a go so I can get started on receiving recipes to those who want to submit recipe to me.  That's the longest part. I can have a presentation at our next EIW meeting that will be in person. I can have a better out look of what needs to be done, some choices that we can choose from, and most importantly the cost of what it will be to...
Directors Page Problems; Ray?
Ray & all; I finally got a new computer & a revived internet connection so I can be part of discussions.
But, I've still got problems signing on the Directors page.
My notes say: "APPTIX\fish" plus my password should get me on, but it's not cooperating.
Any ideas?  Thanks
Directors Meeting
I like the first Tuesday schedule.  Is there a way I can practice getting on the discussion page before December, as my connection isn't cooperating right now.
Thanks!  jay
Chronic Wasting
Fatal deer and elk illness: Are we ready?
Chronic wasting disease could devastate Idaho herds
The Idaho Statesman
December 7, 2003

Chronic wasting disease has never been found in Idaho, but biologists and hunters are increasingly concerned because the fatal disease of deer and elk is spreading erratically, and other states have killed thousands of animals in attempts to control it.
Idaho officials are...
Chronic Wasting
I'm packed and ready to go to Idaho. When are we leaving??? (No stops at the hitchin' post either) (See, told you I get on here)
Kandi S
Please read the following attachment. Thank You!
Dennis S
Garbage & Community Service Clean-up Crew In Mason County
I was talking to an EIW Member who used to work for the Probation Department in Mason County. He was telling me that if we go and do a Hunter's Clean-Up, we can bring the garbage to the road and the people who do community services would pick it up and get rid of it. He said that he told some people in the organization, but yet has to hear about any results. They would go in and clean-up some of the...
Kandi S
EIW Cookbook Recipes Needed
I would like to receive orginal recipes for the EIW Cookbook Fundraiser Idea. I'm going to present a presentation at the next broad meeting and would like to recipes for each category. The categories are: Appetizers & Beverages, Soups & Salads, Vegetables & Side Dishes, Main Dishes, Bread & Rolls, Desserts, Cookies & Candy, & Camping Delights (for all camping & hiking recipes)....
Kandi S
Share Points color scheme
This new color scheme sucks.  It's hard to read anything. Specially if you wear glasses and have bad eye sight.  I like the old color scheme better. Atleast I could see what I was reading. Does anyone else have a problem reading what's going on with this new color scheme?  I think the green letters need to be darker to stand out more. 
Kandi S
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