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Eyes in the Woods
General Discussion: Pe Ell Game Check Station
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From: Ted H
Posted At: 10/14/2003 11:37 AM
Pe Ell Game Check Station
Just returned from our first weekend of check station activity on highway 6 out of Cheahals.  A total of 11 deer were checked--all small two points and spikes.  Absolutely no problems except for the wet and windy weather.  We had the advantage of having a motor home and trailer to hide in during the slow times so it turned out to be a fairly enjoyable "vacation" after all.  During our stay, Chuck Witt boiled his deer head in attempt to make a European mount.  After two days of cooking, the whole bone structure begain to fall apart so that he is just checking this effort out as a learning experience.  This station, as I understand, will not be open in the following weeks so our team will possibly be sent to some new interesting place.
The big problem this time around was location and equipment.  I know Ray is planning a get together later to figure out how we can do this part of the effort better in the future.  I no way should we get into a "finger-pointing" mode but instead figure out how we all can get better involved to make sure that the right things happen.  One major plan should be how to be more flexible to be able to respond to Departments changes that they might feel are necessary and help them get notice of these changes out in at reasonable time.   Hopefully we can all get together with Ray and support him on this and make this effort more seamless in the future.
Created at 10/14/2003 11:37 AM by Ted H
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