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Eyes in the Woods
General Discussion: Fund Raisers Submit. Idea
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From: Kandi S
Posted At: 11/8/2003 8:08 PM
Fund Raisers Submit. Idea
I think we should sell EIW cook books at sports shows or anywhere we are at working\training with the public. Just to get more money generated in our organization besides membership dues. I think this would also get our name out there in the public. All I need are recipes that are one of a kind, passed down from family member to family member, orginal's, helpful hints, and maybe so kids activities that all have to do with wild game, fish, or just good old cooking. If we are going to go through with this, I need to know be the first of the year, hopefully no later then January 30th, 2004. I would like to have the cook books put together and ready for the 2005 sports shows for the booths. If they are done sooner, that would be even better. Then that way, we could start to sell them at next year check stations. The longest part would to get recipes from the EIW members. If I can get enough ok's for this, I can make presentation and get prices and everything that we need for our next in person meeting. Then I can move into the next phase of getting recipes. Thanks for taking some time to here me out. Kandi
Created at 11/8/2003 8:08 PM by Kandi S
Last modified at 11/8/2003 8:08 PM by Kandi S